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Let Your Freak Flag Fly: Generate a Magnetic Brand Experience

how do you win and overcome these beasts of burden? It’s simple. Build a powerful narrative that leverages your secret sauce: You.

Your journey which include all of the victories and defeats, tears, fears and regrets are relatable and key to building an authentic experience. It’s life. Robert McKee from the Harvard Business Review writes, 'Self-knowledge is the root of all great storytelling.

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When You're Invisible (Why you have to keep going)

As much as I tell founders who I work with to take their founder stories and USE them anchors or even shields because contrary to what some of the world thinks, our stories MATTER. The battles, the wins, loss, near misses, etc., they all matter.

But, I’m gonna keep it real with you, it’s hard to hang onto an anchor when under .02 seconds, somebody can say one thing or in my case, nothing at all, to throw me back into a sense of loss, confusion and second-guessing.

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