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Let Your Freak Flag Fly: Generate a Magnetic Brand Experience

how do you win and overcome these beasts of burden? It’s simple. Build a powerful narrative that leverages your secret sauce: You.

Your journey which include all of the victories and defeats, tears, fears and regrets are relatable and key to building an authentic experience. It’s life. Robert McKee from the Harvard Business Review writes, 'Self-knowledge is the root of all great storytelling.

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How To Predict & Measure Brand Perception

What if you can predict brand perception? 

“Yes, you can create the best conditions for your customer to elicit predictable and intended perceptions of your brand.” Disney deeply knows their customer and have built the cues that reinforces the Disney experience. Every detail is delivered with a tight precision to reinforce the Disney story and the stories that are generated for everyone who comes in contact with it. 

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In Pursuit of the Perfect Note

I remember the afternoon when I had to give a solo performance of Gabriel Fauré: Requiem op. 48. As I stood backstage, my viola professor looked at me and rolled her eyes. Bracelets, necklaces, a butterfly in my hair and earrings were all sparkly and stage ready.
'Take all of those off. QUICKLY!!' she snapped.
My hands shaking, I removed them. Afterward, she said, 'All of that frilly stuff would have just gotten in the way. You don't need them.'

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