How does a military intelligence Army veteran, an FBI Analyst and someone who was once on the road to Juilliard, end up in the marketing? Great question and it’s one of several pivots and big moments that have defined who I am and by extension, what is behind why, Entre-SLAM exists.

I wrote this book after reading the plethora of business books out there that did not address the nuance of branding, positioning, and strategy.

Starting a business is fun. Building a business is tough. Keeping that business going is, well, ridiculous some days. Beyond the day-to-day grind, being seen and then really ‘being seen’ in tough, saturated markets can be incredibly overwhelming and isolating.

Our histories and journeys before a brand is fully realized, are incredibly powerful sources of strength and guidance for defining a founder and a brand’s purpose and mission. Sometimes a single moment, THAT moment we continuously forget about, or dance around is probably THE moment that defines who we are and why our brands will prevail, no matter what obstacles show up. What I have found after working with many entrepreneurs over the years is that entrepreneurs will either turn a blind eye to their milestones and pivots, dismiss them as irrelevant or don’t know how to incorporate them properly into their business brand narrative.

The guide was built to help you identify and blend the RIGHT moments and pivots into a compelling brand narrative. As with any great story, your story is complicated and made up of multiple layers from the customer and their journeys to the product or service maps. You will be challenged to retrain your eyes, ears, and perceptions about your customer and sharpen your deducing skills. You’ll look at your product and service through this new and vibrant perspective, and then you’ll break, build, break, and rebuild your brand’s narrative until it’s not just compelling and powerful but unbeatable.

The Brand Storybook Guide & Planner is your companion throughout the year as you embark on discovering what makes your brand unique. From your founder, customer, and product stories, to knowing how to break everything down into a 10 or 30 second story or rock the narrative visually on social media, you will learn how to blend all of these critical components together in ways that are clear and powerful enough to inspire your teams as well as attract (and keep) customers.

The Brand Storybook Guide & Planner also includes:

  • 25+ Interactive Exercises

  • Mini-Vision Boards

  • A 2019 Calendar

  • A 52-Week Brand Story Impact Accountability Calendar

  • Track Market Trends & Insights

  • Capture Opportunities to disrupt in your market segment

  • Set Quarterly Goals & Intentions

  • Monthly Check-Ins

  • Track Sales Revenue

  • Track Digital Brand Story Impact

  • Monthly Reflections

  • The e-book contains videos throughout and active forms to complete