What Are You Willing to Do For Your Brand?

(an open letter from a past accelerator finalist)

Hello wide-eyed & expectant entrepreneur!


You are about to embark on a challenging but rewarding journey. Make no mistake, no matter how certain you are that you have your sh*t together, you will have a moment where you fell overwhelmed or incapable during the coming weeks. Get comfortable with that fact now.

If I can offer one piece of advice it is to trust the process. There will be deliverables that you can write/create in your sleep. There will be others that require soul searching and teeth gnashing. Neither is more right or wrong than the other. 

This experience is a gift and, for me, the gravity of that gift was delivered not at the easy moments but in the hard ones. Be willing to be humble. Be willing to revisit your assumptions (what you may consider your 'knowns'). Be willing to think creatively and to think beyond what is possible today or next year. Be willing to dig deep, get personal and put it all on the table. You will get out of this experience what you invest. And if you're going to give it 10% you'll only reap a 10% reward (and why would you waste your time on that?!). Do your future self a favor and set aside time each and every day to work on this. It is worth that time (and more) but start with a 30-45 minute block:  whether it is your weekly meeting with Christa, your journal entries, your homework, or your deliverables... it will take this time each day and more. 

Finally, understand the tremendous gift of time that Christa is investing in you. You won't understand the half of it until Summit day but know that she is your fierce and tireless advocate. Respect her investment and step up yourself. If she asks for something, deliver it. If she sets a timeline, honor it. We make time for what we value. If you truly value this experience you will make time for it. 

With love and wishing you luck,

Dr. Kathryn Doornbos, Redemptive Cycles
Birmingham, Alabama