Courses and Workshops


Discover your unique brand position and build a compelling narrative that combines the Founder, Customer, Product/Service and the Brand Experience stories together in ways that strengthens and boosts sales & marketing campaigns.

Time commitment:
Approximately 1-2 Weeks

Tools Needed:
The Brand Storybook Guide & Planner

What You’ll Accomplish:
Strengthen your brand’s purpose and mission
• Understand who your best customer targets are and how to attract them
• Using design thinking methodologies, improve your product and service design
• Hone in on your primary and secondary competitors and understand market trends
• Build the brand experience with storyboards
• Craft a brand positioning statement
• Discover how to modify the brand story for multiple uses from pr and digital marketing to keynotes.

Includes: 2 hours of one-on-one coaching


Learn how to take your Completed Brand Story Messaging portfolio and apply it to creating a presentation that can be used for competitions, crowdsourcing campaigns or passed on to a potential angel investor.

Time commitment:
Approximately 60 minutes

Tools Needed:
• Powerpoint, Keynote, or Canva.
• Your Brand Story Messaging Portfolio

What We’re Providing:
10 Effective Winning Pitch Deck Samples
• Tips on how to rock your brand story’s experience to choose the best visuals

Includes: A review of your completed deck with detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement


If you want media outlets to tell your story, you need to do some of the telling yourself. Take your PR game to the next level and learn how to build a solid plan that builds trust with clients, journalists, and your target audiences.

Time commitment:
Approximately 1 Week

Tools Needed:
The Brand Storybook Guide & Planner

Your Brand Messaging Portfolio

What You’ll Accomplish:
Identify media outlets that are in alignment with your brand
• Understand how to position your content to add value to targeted audiences
• Learn content distribution techniques
• Develop the discipline for catching media opportunities
• Build a PR plan that goes beyond the press release

Includes: 2 hours of one-on-one coaching