The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.
— Peter Drucker

What We Do

We help companies stay alive.

Yes, we feel the ‘urgency of now’ as much as you do. In order to take this burning idea to the next level, you have to go deep to understand why the world must to pay attention to your Big Hairy Audacious Idea. This means, we need to pull back the layers of your brand. That’s where Entre-SLAM comes in. What you can expect to accomplish. You will:

Look at your primary, secondary, and tertiary designated customer segments and see where the disconnects are.
(Translation: Now that you’ve exhausted family, friends, church, etc., where is the crowd that’ll keep your business moving versus treading water.)

Examine, discover, and understand your market segments to find your lane.
(Translation: You MUST focus. You can not be all things to everyone. Didn’t your mama teach you that!!??)

Break your product/service design.
(Translation: Once you do the work of really looking at your customer, the market, and understanding (and accepting) what they really want, you’ll be happy to break and tweak to perfection. HINT: there is money/revenue waiting on the other side.)

Finally, declare why you’re in this fight.
(Translation: Here is where your complicated, powerful, and amazing story is revealed and added as the secret sauce that creates the foundation from which your brand will grow.)

Areas of Focus

Ways to Work with Us

Because Entre-SLAM delivers what it does in multiple formats, we’re confident that if you need a marketing strategy, ride-or-die team, you’ll be in very good hands. However, what we’re not going to do is to tell you what you need. We’ll offer our honest assessment and if we all agree, then we move forward together to make ‘it’ happen. If you’re interested in going down this proverbial rabbit hole to discover what makes your brand unique, compelling, and powerful, we need to know a little bit about you first. Don’t worry, this not about some weird sales-y, gotcha move. We sincerely want to have a substantive conversation with you when we do get together because your time is valuable and we want to make the most of it.

Let’s talk. Share your thoughts below.