What We Do

Your mission is our mission

Specifically, we provide a turn-key brand storytelling builder experiences for directors of entrepreneurial-based organizations whose charge is to build up the next generation of game changers and disrupters. With an emphasis on consumer psychology, behavioral science, and storytelling, we work with leaders like you to enhance your current experience and strategically position your candidates to compete. Yes, we feel the ‘urgency of now’ as much as you do. In order to innovation to the next level, you have to provide the tools for your teams to go deep to understand why the world must to pay attention to their Big Hairy Audacious Ideas. This means, we need to pull back the layers of each and every brand your program touches. That’s where Entre-SLAM will be your partner-in-crime.

Areas of Focus

Ways to Work with Us

Because Entre-SLAM delivers what it does in multiple formats, we’re confident that if you need a marketing strategy, ride-or-die team, you’ll be in very good hands. However, what we’re not going to do is to tell you what you need. We’ll offer our honest assessment and if we all agree, then we move forward together to make ‘it’ happen. If you’re interested in going down this proverbial rabbit hole to discover what makes your brand unique, compelling, and powerful, we need to know a little bit about you first. Don’t worry, this not about some weird sales-y, gotcha move. We sincerely want to have a substantive conversation with you when we do get together because your time is valuable and we want to make the most of it.

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