We Transform Brands from the Inside Out

Entre-SLAM works with brands to break down what isn't working, effective or is missing. Then we'll work like crazy together to (re)build the brand up in ways that are better focused, strategic, and stronger. It's all about scale and impact, my friend, and we help brands discover and improve both.

To make a brand come alive outside of the organization, it must come alive inside the organization first.
— LISA FORTINI-CAMPBELL, Kellogg School of Management

What You can expect

Over 8-weeks, you and/or your team will refine your brand’s strategy to address and improve challenges specific to your company. In a series of workshops led by Entre-SLAM founder Christa Chambers-Price, your team will work through a series of exercises, activities, and receive direct coaching to help you:

  • discover, attract, and keep customers,

  • develop a solid brand message,

  • launch and fund your project,

  • and build a sustainable brand strategy.

You’ll be guided step-by-step through the process of building a rock-solid brand strategy and preparing an investor-ready Brand Storybook. You’ll collaborate and test your ideas with fellow entrepreneurs, receive feedback, and earn opportunities to present your business model to industry experts. All workshops have the option to be delivered individually, as a group, virtually and through live workshop.

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Brand Discovery

What You Can Expect

✓ Founder Story Building

✓ Customer & Market Discovery

✓ Product Design/Testing/Interation

✓ Brand and Message Building

Brand Strategy

What You Can Expect

✓ Brand Experience Building

✓ Market Insights Strategies

✓ ‘Blue Ocean’ Market Strategies

✓ Digital Storytelling Stategies

Brand Launch

What You Can Expect

✓ Brand/Creative Asset Strategies

✓ Digital Launch Strategies

✓ Sales Strategies

✓ Storytelling Techniques/Strategies