Consumers are becoming more interested and invested in where their money’s going rather than simply what it’s buying. Which means it’s not enough anymore to sell high-quality products with no information on their backstories.
— Retail Trends & Predictions 2018. Vend

Retail Booster Series - Part I

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How do you get more folks coming in the front door and coming back? This question can be a daunting burden for many communications pros to answer come January. Sit down with marketing and branding experts to hear how they're helping retail shops across the country are getting folks in the door in cheaper ways than dumping thousands of dollars in Facebook ads.

Reporting Webinar Takeaways:

  • Retail Forecasts & Trends - Review and highlight the trends and issues facing urban retail
  • Marketing and Brand Assessment  - Receive and work through Brand, Benefits & Categories worksheet
  • Craft impactful, compelling cues - Build the right experience in your shop to better predict brand perception

Webinar Presenters:


Christa Chambers-Price

Founder - Entre-SLAM

Christa has over a twenty years of experience in building messaging, marketing and branding campaigns. Previously she was an FBI Analyst and an Army veteran as part of the military intelligence division. She focuses on maximizing and measuring the impact of marketing communications on business outcomes. Through the use of rich digital, earned, and social data, Christa is able to help organizations uncover audience insights that inform message delivery and optimization, channel roles and prioritization, and more. 

As Founder, Christa works with clients to ensure that they are maximizing the effectiveness of their marketing communication through clearly defined messaging, compelling campaign planning, performance measurement aligned with business outcomes, and insights that inform paid, owned, earned, and marketing campaign optimizations.