The Brand Storybook Guide & Planner

The Brand Storybook Guide & Planner

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What You Can Expect to Explore & Discover

You have a product or service that is competing in a saturated market. Your ability to being able to articulate what makes your brand unique is important, but understanding how to find the right audience (and keep them!) is critical. The Brand Storybook Guide & Planner is a guided workbook that will help you understand how to build a competitive brand and track your progress along the way and keep your audience at attention.

You’ll uncover, build, and connect your brand narrative by combining:

The Founder Story
As entrepreneurs, our personal stories and journeys are our most under-utilized asset. (Re)Discover yours, learn how to connect it to what you do, any why.

Your Purpose & Mission
Your purpose is that bright North Star that provides a laser beam, immovable focus for your brand. Your mission(s) are those Big, Hair, Scary, yet Audacious projects designed to make your purpose a reality.

The Customer Story
If you think right away, ‘everyone is my customer,’ you will struggle here. BUT, the deeper dive in anyway will be worth the price of admission.

The Product and/or Service Story
Based on your now deep understanding of your customer, your journey, and a compelling purpose and mission, now you can craft a product or service story that is human-centered, possibility driven, and build designs that are perfected through a tight interactive process.

The Brand Story
You’ll will finally have all of the right pieces identified to position your brand in a crystal clear way for your audience.

Optional - Coaching
Sometimes it helps to push these ideas back and forth with someone. Sign up for a 1-hour coaching session with Entre-SLAM CEO, Christa Chambers-Price.


A message from the author: Christa Chambers-Price, CEO of Entre-SLAM, Inc.

I wrote this book after reading the plethora of books that are out there that don’t address the nuance of branding, positioning, and strategy. Our histories and journeys before a brand is fully realized, are incredibly powerful and are guides and a constant source of strength when the tough days show up. But guess what? Many entrepreneurs either turn a blind eye do them or dismiss them as too personal or irrelevant. My point to you is that those journeys ARE relevant and a critical part of your personal and business brands. Knowing how to blend the RIGHT moments and pivots into a compelling brand narrative, is what this guide is meant to help you.

The Brand Storybook Guide & Planner is your companion as you embark on discovering what makes your brand unique. From your founder, customer and product stories, you will learn how to blend all of these critical components together in ways that is clear and powerful enough to inspire your teams and attract customers.

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