Brand Storytelling Retreats

1 or 2-day retreats designed to help your organization build powerful business and brand storytellers

If you have the charge is to build up the next generation of game changers and disrupters, this retreat will be perfect for you. This immersive experience will provide you with the tools you’ll need to integrate powerful brand storytelling into your program.


  • Offered once a quarter

  • 1 or 2 day retreats at Zingerman’s Cornman Farms, 1 hour for pre-work, and 1 week remote post-program check-ins

  • Open-enrollment for program directors (small (<5) teams and partners encouraged to apply)

  • Taught in English

Program Overview

Program Directors for innovation programs are feeling the pressure of an ever-changing, competitive business environment. When innovation is mandatory, often as a means for survival. Where does one begin?

We start with the individual. We focus on innovator mindsets and behaviors that encourage different ways of approaching challenges. Each program cohort is divided into small, diverse teams led by industry-leading design practitioners from the public and private sectors. Teams then tackle a real-world design challenge utilizing brand story building methods and tools paying close attention to individual development and team collaboration along the way.

At key points during the program, teams will come together for lectures, case studies, demonstrations, brand story assessments, and reflections led by Entre-SLAM team members.

Topics include:

  • How to create an environment that encourages authenticity and deep exploration into a core brand narrative

  • How to construct a brand story and blend it with a pitch

  • Tools that help teams modulate between brand discovery and evaluation to implementation

  • How to prototype and storyboard brand stories, test in context to gain meaningful feedback and data, iterate and add resolution as appropriate

  • How to integrate new behaviors, tools and methods back to your innovation programs

Key Takeaways

Pitching focuses on what you do.
Storytelling focuses on who you are.

You will leave with the ability to introduce solid brand storytelling skills to your candidates who must innovate with clarity, passion, and confidence. Everyone under your charge, will have every effective tool at their disposal to attract the necessary support to bring innovation to light and know how to confidently share a compelling narrative that brings everything together. Our in-person programs are designed to fully immerse participants in the methods for optimal output—a strong understanding of brand storytelling concepts and how they can be integrated into your existing programs to enhance impact. Here are some of the process key takeaways:

Key Differentiators

Over the past ten+ years we’ve been in the fortunate position to work with innovators from all over the country, in every industry. Our participant’s experience during, and more importantly after the program, informs how and what we teach. We see our tools in practice (in real business marketing strategy/conditions) and iterate based on what is or is not effective. This way we are able to provide relevant and useful tools that change with the dynamic, competitive pace of business innovation.

Our goal is to provide life-changing learning experiences so that you have the tools to help your innovators have a real impact in their life and work.


• Program Directors & Managers of innovation programs

• Accelerator/Incubator directors & managers

• Non-profit program directors & managers


Teamwork: Small teams are composed of individuals from radically different perspectives and backgrounds. Each person is encouraged to bring their full self to the brand story discovery process, fostering an empathetic team dynamic and organic approach to brand storytelling.

Coaching: Brand Storytelling experts will guide and keep teams on track while paying close attention to individual growth and discovery.

Environment: Entre-SLAM is an inclusive space, welcoming creativity and individual expression.

Experience: The program is intense and fast-paced. It includes elements of theater and hands-on activities to maximize creativity and learning.

Tools Includes:

  • Brand Story Generator Canvas

  • Brand Story Guide & Planner

  • Brand Story Online Course

  • Entre-SLAM Business Storytelling Event Primer

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the program hosted?
At Zingerman’s Cornman Farms
8540 Island Lake Road, Dexter, MI 48130

Is there parking available?
Yes! There is plenty of free parking at ‘The Farm’.

Are accommodations included?
Accommodations are not included in the tuition. Our program is NON RESIDENTIAL, which means that we allow our participants to choose where they would like to stay.

Can I squeeze in a conference call during the retreat?
Each day of the program is fast-paced and packed with content. We have found that it's best not to schedule conference calls or plan to conduct business during the program.

What is the weather like?
Much of our program is indoors, but we spend time out on the farm as well, which means some walking and temperature changes.

What is the attire?
Our program is casual— meaning sneakers, jeans and t-shirts. Due to the large amount of time spent on your feet and moving around, comfort is key.

What does the pre-program include?
The pre-program is designed to be lightweight so you can be rested before arriving for the retreat. It requires about an hour to view a short video, and fill out a online forms.

What does the post-program include?
During the post-program you’ll receive your coach’s support on your own brand story integration back at your program. The purpose of this is to help you immediately use what you learned, and begin an on-going transformation of how quickly and effective introduce brand storytelling.