What We Offer

We help our clients discover their competitive advantage and build powerful stories that connect.


The Brand & Founder Stories

The internal and external stories of your brand forms the "self-consciousness" of the organization and teaches your teams in subtle and not-so-subtle ways how they should think of themselves, how they should behave and what the company truly values. Ultimately your success hinges on whether your team sees themselves as living examples of the brand's values. 

What We'll Accomplish Together:

  • Establish the brand's purpose and baseline narrative
  • Provide brand narrative training for the entire team
  • We'll build with you a living brand & creative brief

The Customer and Market Stories

What is the unique solution that you deliver for your customer's most important problem? What is it that your customers really want? Beyond traditional demographics, what motivates them and what type of client are they? How will your offering simultaneously create value for your customers while influencing what they know how they behave? How do you create a competitive advantage in an established market?

We'll work with your team to determine the most appropriate marketing channels and their structure. You'll also gain an understanding of not just what consumers want to buy but how they want to buy.

What We'll Accomplish Together:

  • Review and determine all potential new market channels to leverage
  • We'll build with you a Customer Discovery Brief

Social Engagement Storytelling

The number of followers on your accounts is not a measure of success. We'll help you build a strategy that motivates the virtual customer base to act as well as understand your customer touch points and how to leverage social media platforms to engage them.

What We'll Accomplish Together:

  • Social Engagement Brief

Sales Force Performance & Storytelling

Show you how to provide salespeople with the messaging and delivery training, enabling them to be true to brand's core narrative while tailoring the offering and sales process appropriately for each market segment. 

What We'll Accomplish Together:

  • Sales Force Performance Brief
A product is something that is made in a factory; a brand is something that is bought by a customer. A product can be copied by a competitor; a brand is unique. A product can be quickly outdated; a successful brand is timeless.
— Stephen King of WPP Group, London