Brand Builder & Storytelling Series Launching in August

Starting in August, Entre-SLAM is launching The Brand Builder & Storytelling Series, an explorative, interactive online course which will give your team the opportunity to explore their perspectives on the brand outside of a group dynamic. These self-paced courses will take approximately 2-4 hours to complete. In order to get optimal results, we ask that your team carves out time and create the right space to do deep, reflective thinking. All submitted answers are automatically forwarded to the lead facilitator. We will then compile, analyze and synthesize all data and present a unified report to the group.

Topics will include:

  • Creating Customers
  • Identifying Market Segments & Targets
  • Market Research & Understanding Consumers
  • Developing a Compelling Brand Position
  • How to Write a Brand Positioning Statement
  • How to Make Your Brand Come Alive
  • How to Build a Winning Sales Force
  • Marketing/Operations Management
  • Visual Brand Storytelling