EPIC: A Brand Builder & Planner

EPIC: A Brand Builder & Planner


EPIC is your brand's schema allowing you to build, track and manage every detail of your brand's narrative. It can be difficult to keep track of the baseline narrative, experience, target customers and their expectations.

EPIC Features:

  • Annual, monthly, quarterly and weekly tracking of intentions & goals
  • Your brand's category (competition-based)
  • Your brand's category (customer-based)
  • Your brand's type
  • 3 Target Customer Profiles (incl. Demographics, geographic, psychographics, profitability & growth potential)
  • Your brand's competitive advantage
  • Your brand's distribution channels
  • Your brand's positioning statement
  • An yearly income tracker
  • Market Trends Watch
  • Industry Blogs, Reports and Influencers tracker
  • Monthly reviews and assessments
  • Blog and article inspiration tracker
  • and more . . .


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