A Brand Storytelling Masterclass

A Brand Storytelling Masterclass


This course is designed to help you discover your brand's competitive advantage and build a strategy to grow your business.

Brand Storytelling: Find Your Why features individual slides that have an audio overlays. We've included as much documentation that we can get our hands on to help guide you on your own. However, working on your own can lead to outcomes that don't lead to breakthroughs because you'll unconsciously keep yourself in your own box. This is why we've incorporated the following into your training experience:

1. Quizzes built to challenge assumptions
2. A compiled report that includes our recommendations for how to either think deeper or differently about your brand
3. A one hour debrief session to go over any of your questions and prepare your script

This self-paced course will take approximately 2-4 hours to complete. In order to get optimal results, we ask that each member carve out time and create the right space to do deep, reflective thinking. All submitted answers are automatically forwarded to the lead facilitator. We will then compile, analyze and synthesize all data and present a unified report to the group.


Even though you're working independently, all of your responses go to the lead facilitator automatically. We know that your time is valuable and our team will contact you right away if we have questions or if the answers aren't quite hitting the mark. 

Having the content come to us as you complete them will also allow our coaching time to be as efficient as possible.

Includes 1.5 hours of one-on-one Coaching and Review of Content Submitted

Feedback The Brand Storytelling Masterclass has received:

"This course in conjunction with Christa's coaching, turned the overwhelming prospect of launching a new career into a fascinating journey. Her techniques combined with a balance of support & challenge are helping me make my story come true."
Mary C.

"This has been a really evocative exercise, something I can see myself repeating regularly and it has challenged me to get grounded about what I am really passionate about. It's funny but I can see clearly that it all starts with me, my story and the ways I'm committed to self actualization."
Charlotte H.



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