Customers, Traffic & Sales: An Urban Franchise Accelerator

Customers, Traffic & Sales: An Urban Franchise Accelerator


For 3 Months, You'll Work with the Entre-SLAM and TransWorld teams to Learn How to Boost Customers, Traffic & Sales

This is what you can expect:

  • An evaluation of your business concept and market potential
  • FINALLY, a clear and compelling positioning statement and understanding of your market's potential
  • A community of support to keep you focused and motivated

Bonus Outcomes You Can Expect:

  • Access to monthly group coaching
  • Access to virtual and live events
  • Opportunities to receive matching funds and/or critical support from Entre-SLAM partners

1. You'll Set Clear Financial Goals and Build a Plan to Get There

2. The Franchise Visualizer
Visuals are powerful ways to keep you motivated as you move to accomplish your financial goals. What will your franchise look like and what will be the overall experience that will drive traffic, sales and generate deep customer loyalty.

3. Your Franchise Brand Story
The only way to be a Million Dollar Franchise is to know how to attract and sell to the perfect franchisees. Our process will take you through the steps of understanding marketing, positioning, brand and how to recognize and adjust, if necessary, to trends and changes in your industry.

What else you can expect:

• Videos of successful Franchisors and other professionals who have build multi-million dollar franchises and are ready to roll up their sleeves to help you

• Webinars where you can ask questions or receive just the right amount of motivation to keep you or get you back on track

• Access to the downloaded books, scripts, and tables

• Discounts to Your Million Dollar Franchise events

• One-on-One Coaching and Work Reviews of content you've submitted

• A Private Online Community of other future Million Dollar Franchisors for ongoing support.

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