Marketing & Brand Story Study Groups

Being an entrepreneur can be isolating. To avoid stagnation and procrastination, consider joining a Marketing and Brand Story Study Group: your ultimate Marketing Strategy and Accountability Group. In this experience, you will be accelerate your learning and discovery work as you share your progress, compare notes, and push each other. 

Benefits of Joining a Marketing & Brand Story Study Group

Let’s face it. Implementing marketing and branding strategies is relatively simple. Building those strategies can be extremely difficult. Results are typically tied to sales and/or an increase in community. You need a little more than just patience and blind faith. A marketing study group will surround you with folks who get ‘it’ and are willing to help you stay accountable to your goals. Here are some additional outcomes you can expect:

End Procrastination
Because your study group will meet at regular times, you cannot procrastinate. If you struggle with procrastination, and many of us do, a study group might just be the solution for you!

Get Real-Time Feedback
If you have ever wanted for a group of folks to ‘just tell you want to do’, you’ll not have that. Working together, you’ll be able to quickly move on strategy or make adjustments. Some parts of your message may seem completely confusing to you could be quite clear to another entrepreneur. In a study group, you can learn quickly by simply asking a question, instead of spending valuable time puzzling over the difficulty alone. In addition, you can help your fellow students when they have difficulties understanding something that you do understand.

Gain New Perspectives
If you work alone, you will always see your material from the same perspective—yours. While this may not be a problem, getting fresh perspectives on your messaging and strategy can help you make better decisions.  As you listen and ask questions, you will soon start noticing a variety of different viewpoints on the same idea. This will force you to think more about your position and will, therefore, develop your critical thinking skills while helping you strengthen your brand strategy.

Learn New Marketing Skills
As you learn new marketing and branding perspectives about your product or service, you can also learn different marketing and branding techniques to implement it! By joining a Brand Story study group, you will have opportunity to observe a wide variety of marketing methods in action. After considering the pros and cons, you can improve your own approach by incorporating the best methods with your own.

Break the Monotony & Get a Boost
Working by yourself can become a monotonous activity—especially if you find implementing marketing tasks tedious. By joining a Brand Story Study group, you can break this monotony and make marketing more enjoyable. When you feel like there is just so much to learn and it all seems overwhelming, these group sessions can be a real boost as members support each other. 

Practice for the “Real World”

Working with other entrepreneurs in a study group gives you an excellent opportunity to hone your marketing skills. If you come across a difficult situation in your study group, you can use it to practice your collaboration abilities.  If everyone stays focused on the goal of learning, getting sidetracked by socializing or disagreements that arise will be kept to a minimum.


How it Works

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What You’ll Have Access To:

You’ll have access to the ‘The Lab’ a support and quasi-beta group to test out your ideas.

Keep track of suggested study group tasks and topics of discussion in the online project group.

Hold yourself accountable to activating your ideas forward into the market.