Entre-SLAM Brand Pivots: 1, 2, & 3

The night was like MAGIC. The place was packed, sitting room only. The local/regional press loved it. We scored our first national hit with an article in CNN/Fortune.com. The success of that first event opened up monthly storytelling events in Ann Arbor and they were CRAZY fun. In addition to the storytelling, we added entertainment: rappers, improv teams, costume contests, a Celtic band, a flame thrower, a magician, a TON of food and great drinks. We accomplished our goals for entrepreneurs to have fun. Even with the all of the fun, business deals were made and lasting friendships started.

But there was a catch.

We were broke.

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Purpose & Mission: What Drives Us

As I sat in the conference room determined to fake it after a particularly brutal week 'at the office', the burning truth of my reality was tearing me up inside. I was calculating the number days left of food for four people, when the mortgage had to be paid (or else), and there was less than a quarter tank of gas in the car. Adrian, came in with one of his colleagues, super distracted, and punching furiously into his phone. I suspected his day was just as jacked as mine. It's all relative. He looked up and said just said, 'What's happening?' After sharing with him, yet another idea to pivot Entre-SLAM to, he snapped:

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A Little Nudge Into (Digital) Perfection

If you are trying to build a brand, a company, a movement, you need to get exposure.  Have those social media accounts and post to them. Post about what you are doing, what you have done, what you wish to do.  Let people know who you and your brand are.  Hashtag the *^$%# out of all those posts too.  Go out there and search for platforms, conferences, or competitions that will increase your exposure.  There are so many, trust me, just take the time and start looking.  

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