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Storytelling creates the bridge that brings the linear together with the creative in ways that make innovation inspiring, accessible and unforgettable.

The Big Story

I've always been the one who can see the big picture; the BIG vision of what is freakin' possible and helping founders who hide behind what they've built, believe it too. It's tough work because let's face it, it's easier to put the 'thing' out front to get rejected, beat up or misunderstood. But guess what, it's the person behind the vision, who is the real star. I just help them come on out and shine. I LOVE doing that and have been extremely fortunate to have built a career doing just that for some real cool people.

Okay...confession. I used to be the WORST offender. Naturally an introvert, I was quite comfortable behind the screen coding and designing stuff for folks. I did that for 20 years. But it wasn't until I witnessed a very common and reoccuring problem. Each professional I've worked with from CEOs to Harvard professors, knew what they did but could not for the life of them explain why. Those who could explain it, enjoyed a deep level of success. Those who couldn't well, they moved on to something else or quit, blaming everyone and everything around them. Now, I work with founders brave enough to create that bridge between what they do and why they're the one to lead. You can't have one without the other. When you get those two working together, THAT'S where the money is, you know? The bridge is a story that is unforgettable. I help you build the bridge.

If you know why you do what you do and WHY you're the one to lead, knowing that makes you unstoppable. That is where the magic is because you are the only thing that's truly unique to any venture. Think about it. You are the secret sauce, baby. The X-factor. When you make that deep connection, you will have that critical source of sustainable fuel and inspiration when you need it most. Trust me, you'll need it when:

  • few understand or believes in your vision (yet),
  • the money has run out,
  • the support has left the room, and,
  • when it all gets tough.

For me, I don't get my energy from being around people. I'm an introvert, remember? I get my energy from being that hand in the dark that is ready to pull you into the light of your amazing vision. If your idea is kick-ass, I'm the one who will hold that until you believe it deep down for yourself. Admittedly, feeding off of your reluctance to truly dive in to see and leverage your truth, can seem kind of weird. I had to come to grips with this weirdness. Good news for you. What this means is that I'm the one who will:

  • take 'the hill' with you,
  • be your biggest cheerleader, pain-in-the-ass and push you when you need it,
  • tell you what you need to hear, whether you like it or not,
  • be your 'ride-or-die' partner in getting your concept out into the world. 

Listen to the moment when I discovered my personal why and how it feeds the madness. 

You've GOT this. I've got you.

Christa Chambers-Price, Founder


Michelle Massey Barnes

It has been a pleasure and a delight working with Christa. The importance of story is not something that is new to me. I understand how important it is to tell people WHY you do what you do. Conversations that make connections are conversations that lead to fruitful work. With that said, I have been having a hard time putting my story into words. What I have wanted to say has so many layers and variations. My message kept getting scrambled up. It was coming across jumbled and inconsistent. People were not responding.

Christa has brought her own strengths to the work we have done together. She encourages me, she keeps me moving forward (even when I want to retreat under the covers) and she always tell me what she thinks I need to know (which is not necessarily what I want to hear). I know that she believes in me and that makes it easier to pick myself back up each time I stumble.

At this point, I am much more fluid when I tell my story. People connect and people respond. They want to know more and this gives me the opportunity to tell them more about the services that I offer. It also means that the people that come to me are sincerely looking for what I offer and not just the type of services I provide. My clients are a better fit, and this is better for everyone.

I highly recommend this process to anyone that wants to stand out and stand up. Christa will put you through the wringer, but you will come out the other side ready to shine.

-Michelle Massey Barnes


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