Left brain =
Linear &

Right Brain =
Creativity &


Storytelling creates the bridge that brings the linear together with the creative in ways that make innovation inspiring, accessible and unforgettable.


2017 Schedule

February 23rd, 2017 @ 6:00 - 7:30pm
Location: TBD

Check back as we'll be adding more dates.

Rules, Structure and Stuff

Here's what you can expect from about 6-8 storytellers:
  • ► A one minute video of their brand's purpose.
  • ► 3 minutes will be dedicated to presenting what they do.
  • ► 2 minutes to convey who this concept is perfect for and why.
  • ► One top prize from the judges panel and one people's choice award.
  • ► One story will be complete bullsh*t. Guess right and win.
  • Testimonial

    Christopher John

    I am writing to express my full support and gratitude for Entre-SLAM, a story-telling competition that provides new entrepreneurs like myself the opportunity to clarify the passion, purpose, and gift that forms the foundation of our meaningful work. The work Christa Chambers-Price did with me in preparation for the speaking event helped me overcome a major hurdle I shared with many other new entrepreneurs: I had never gotten to the root of my “why.” Everyone who is willing to go through the unique and sometimes overwhelming challenges and struggles of entrepreneurship must know his or her big “why.” Otherwise we won’t push through when we have that defining moment. So many amazing ideas have never come to fruition because of that exact issue.

    Not only did I discover my “why,” but because of the amazing support Christa provided me in my preparation, and because the event was so exceptionally organized and attended, my ability and confidence as a speaker has increased exponentially. Maybe more importantly, I have a new ability to get my word out.

    Since the competition, the non-profit for my school program has attracted powerful new board members, I have enrolled several individuals to sign up as mentors for my empowerment program, and one of the largest real estate organizations in the state of Michigan has invited me in to present my coaching program to their agents. I attribute these successes, in no small part, to the clarity and confidence I now have when talking to prospects about the passionate work I do at Point B Living.

    I highly recommend Entre-SLAM, and Christa Chambers-Price, to any current or aspiring entrepreneur who wants to build a foundation for a thriving and successful business.

    -Christopher John


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