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Storytelling creates the bridge that brings the linear together with the creative in ways that make innovation inspiring, accessible and unforgettable.



Wednesday 9:00am - 1:00pm at Automation Alley
April 5, 12, 19 and 26, 2017

Entre-SLAM is pleased to offer Center Stage, a four-week intensive program to lift and enlighten start-up companies seeking next-level funding. Center Stage is designed to help companies discover and define their competitive advantages, increasing the odds of success in securing further investment. Led by faculty with strategy, customer, branding, and investor savvy, course work pulls from entrepreneurial, corporate and government insights to connect directly with the needs of each enterprise.

Over four weeks, all companies will accomplish the following:

Week 1: The Company Story: Define customer needs and tailor your brand message to make your ideas concrete and compelling. 
[group coaching + online course + office hours]

Week 2: The Customer Story: Deep dive into customer acquisition strategies while gaining effective market research, forecasting and trends techniques.
[group coaching + white paper reading + office hours]

Week 3: The Investor Story: Understand how to leverage your competitive advantage and learn critical capital raising strategies. Your business model will be reviewed and candid feedback will be provided from angel and venture capital professionals.
[group coaching + pitch deck review + office hours]

Week 4: Center Stage: Put it all together. Learn storytelling strategies, perfect the 10-second pitch, improve your pitch deck design, map out and understand your social network
[group coaching + office hours]

At the end of four weeks, participants will have:

  • A completed Business Story Generator Canvas supporting the business case behind each highly defined narrative.
  • The 2017 Business Story Planner and workbook for tracking digital marketing efforts.
  • A deep understanding of target industry trends, your customer and how to find them.
  • Clear investor feedback on the effectiveness of your new message, pitch deck and ask.
  • A professional video of your final narrative.

Christa Chambers-Price

Christa Chambers-Price

Christa Chambers-Price is a military intelligence Army veteran and former FBI analyst. For over 20 years, she has been an award-winning designer, brand strategist and marketing professional. Her work has been used from corporations like Bank of America, to startup incubators like StartCo and faculty at Harvard University. As the founder of Entre-SLAM, a business storytelling venture, she has combined her training to help brands discover and own their unique competitive advantage. Since 2012, Entre-SLAM has worked with over 1,000 first and second stage companies and has developed the Business Story Generator Canvas, a mapping tool that captures a brand's journey and its unique narrative. Recognized by CNN/Fortune, Entre-SLAM pushes to ensure game changing results for the both the brand and the visionaries behind it. Christa holds a BA from The University of Michigan with an emphasis on English Literature and the Russian language.


Dr. Laura Bigelow

Dr. Lauren Bigelow

Dr. Lauren Bigelow has served as CEO of the Growth Capital Network (GCN) since 2010. She provides strategic, project management, research, analytic, and evaluative services for the philanthropic, health care, and innovation communities. Lauren brings 17 years of experience in the Michigan entrepreneurial ecosystem and early stage investment community. She has worked closely with a number of entrepreneur initiatives and created curriculum for commercialization programs at MSU, MTU, and UM. Prior to GCN and before its ‘09 acquisition by Bloomberg, she was the North American Commercial Director for New Energy Finance as well as the Managing Director of the Cleantech Group for five years. Lauren is a partner with the Wolverine Angels and an investment advisor for the Zell Lurie Fund and Belle Capital Michigan. She is a finance lecturer at the Ross School of Business; holds a BS from the University of Michigan, MS and PhD from Northwestern University.


Ann Hanson

Ann Hanson

As a marketing warrior with innovation super-powers, Ann Hanson turns big ideas into breakthrough products. Leading multi-million dollar product growth at Black & Decker, Coleman, Igloo and Petmate, Ann is renowned for cutting-edge insights into customer trends and behavior. With a distinct talent for identifying category white space, Ann fast-tracks product development to seize market share before competitors know what hit them. In addition, Ann is a master-diva at developing visual and verbal identity, implementing brand story across traditional and social media platforms for B2C and B2B markets. Check out the spoils of her victories: AdAge Marketing 100, Gold Effie for advertising, Fortune's Top Ten Products of the Year, IDSA/IDEA Gold award for product design and multiple Edison Awards for innovation. Armed with her undergraduate in engineering as well as her MBA from top-rated Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, Ann is happy to go to battle with you!


Lee Thomas

Lee Thomas

Captivating, inspiring and engaging! From the television screen to the stage, Lee Thomas, a 4-time Emmy Award winner, has made a career on capturing an audience's attention. For the last 20 years Lee has been part of the morning show at WJBK Fox 2 in Detroit Michigan, as a news anchor, entertainment reporter and has guided news coverage, providing performance and content strategies. Lee is also a movie critic and voting member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association (Critic’s Choice Awards). Lee is a best selling author and a member of the National Speakers Association, traveling the globe motivating businesses from Google to Vanguard and keynoting conferences from Austria to California. As a performance coach, Lee’s specialty is finding heart in a message and maximizing impact on delivery. This former national college forensics, drama and debate champion, has a BA in Mass communication from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.


Step Two: Enroll in Center Stage

Who Should Participate:
This experience is best suited for founders or another high-level executive with deep knowledge of the organization's vision and its past journey. This person is also responsible for raising funding for the venture. Deadline for registration: March 20th, 2017. 

Program Fee:
CenterStage costs $2,000. The program fee covers group classes, office hours, one-on-one coaching, the 'Find Your Why' online course, class materials, meals and a professionally produced, 1-to-2 minute video. 

Automation Alley
2675 Bellingham Dr.
Troy, Michigan 48202 

Program Contact:
Christa Chambers-Price
Email: Ask about our scholarships. Send an email to: christa@entreslam.com
Telephone: 1-734-276-2736

Enroll in Center Stage

Praise for

Paul Saginaw

Being a Founding Partner of Zingerman's, I have been speaking publicly for over 30 years. I have never felt very comfortable in this role. I recently had the great fortune to receive a couple of coaching sessions from Entre-SLAM on the art of "story telling" and I am now looking forward to the next time that I am called upon to present to an audience. If you are a novice or a pro, Entre-SLAM can sharpen your skills and make your next presentation a whole lot better.

-Paul Saginaw
Miche Rayment

Storytelling is integral to truly engaging with another individual. Being able to convey what you do, what you stand for and what you want for the future enables you to find the people you need... and to find the people who need you. In a clear and concise fashion, Christa was able to provide the safe and creative space for me to craft my story. I've used the story we crafted in many situations and each time I can see people leaning forward and taking note. It's wonderful and powerful to have worked with her. I'd be more than happy to talk to anyone thinking of engaging with Christa either through her story telling workshops, her one-on-one sessions or at Entre-SLAM. Drawing a direct line of value wouldn't be difficult at all.

-Miche Rayment
Nic Sims

I have enjoyed working with Christa in two capacities: as a host of an Entre-SLAM event, and then as a client. I was so impressed with her drive, focus, and commitment to the Entre-SLAM group that I had to be a part of it. Christa helped me look at my business with a fresh perspective, and craft my story in such a way that I can confidently and clearly articulate my own passion and drive for success. I'll stick with her wherever she goes!

-Nic Sims
Robert Brodnick, Ph.D.

Your session at our executive retreat was right on target. It gave the team time to laugh and play with possibilities. They delivered their stories in front of the company and owners with zest and impact. The presentations were refined and tied into strategies with purpose. All in all, the team has emerged with a great strategic framework and the focus they need to communicate and implement their ideas and tactics.

-Robert Brodnick, Ph.D.
Joe Puccio

[part of StartCo accelerator] What a full two-days. A LOT was packed into this experience. The big takeaway that I got out of this was making sure we focus on the emotional connection we're attempting to establish with your customers.

-Joe Puccio
Bryan Barringer

[part of StartCo accelerator] This was a highly satisfying experience. The workshop went beyond my expectations. The content was tightly relevant to my struggles as a mobile app startup (my second attempt). The workshop activities were highly interactive, especially the um...dance offs at the beginning. (I still can't believe Christa talked me into making a fool of myself. Lesson being: how far were we willing to go to stand up boldly for our brands? If we're not willing to boldly go out on a limb for it, why should other people? I did it, had a good laugh and tapped into a lost passion for the project).

The material was a challenge, but we had time to practice and receive valuable feedback. By the end, I was able to add a much better 'why' to my pitch.

-Bryan Barringer
Jack Simon

[from StartCo accelerator] Christa is an awesome, caring person who helped me get my brand's story out my head and into a conveyable pitch.

-Jack Simon

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(sample 1-2 minute video promo: Janet Wolforth | Tech)

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